State of Oregon Employee Sports Page

Welcome to the State of Oregon Employees Sports web site!

This page is a welcome-page and is privately sponsored by employees from the State of Oregon. This page is not hosted by the State of Oregon, nor are any resources used from the State for the administrative activities to run this site. The employees of the State of Oregon that participate with the events mentioned here and the activities associated with this web site, do so during their personal time.

Please use these links below if you are interested in learning more about individual sporting events:

  • Bowling

If you have questions or comments about this site, please contact the web master.


Why is this on an internet web site instead of an internal (intranet) state web site?

Although these events are operated by state employees, participants and sponsors often include friends, family members, and others outside of the state intranet web site (please see individual event rules for sponsorship and participation). Not everyone that would be a sponsor or participant has access to the state's internal state intranet web sites. In addition, by having this available on the internet, we want to encourage organizers and participants to access these pages during their personal time.

Why does each of these events look different and have different rules for participation from one another?

Each of these events are organized by different groups of people, within the State of Oregon. Most are involved because of the interest in the sport or charity associated with the event. Each of these events have developed their own set of rules and this includes rules for who may participate. Each of these sets of rules were developed with past organizers who have discovered the best way (so far) to help maximize donations and entertainment value.

Who do I contact about participating in one (or more) of these events?

Every web page listed will have a contact person or general email address. Please keep in mind that these may be personal (not work) email accounts and each of the representatives will try to respond to you during their non-work hours.

I’m a state employee and I have an event or sport I would like to list on this web page. Who do I contact?

Please contact the web master. If you have something you would like to add to this site.

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